Summer Camp Program

Autism Career Training is excited to offer our Summer Camp program for summer of 2021. ACT’s Summer Camp combines skill building, sensory integration, and social skills into a single, fun learning environment. Embedded in the Summer Camp, you can expect to see your student completing fun activities such as gardening challenges, sports games, science experiments, cooking activities, and much more! ACT’s Summer Camp is overseen by licensed personnel and is specifically designed for students with an autism diagnosis. Please see a complete list of information below:

Program Details


June 14, 2021 through July 23, 2021


9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday


$90 per day, billed weekly


Enrollment begins at 15 years of age and up


Options for every day or select days per week

Get Started

Enroll today by calling Matthew Powell at (615) 866-4477 or by email at